What Do You Get When You Join RWU?

When you join Railroad Workers United, you unite with a growing network of railroaders who strive to build unity, democracy and solidarity among the railroad workers of North America. Specifically, when you fill out that application and pay your membership dues, here’s what you get:

  • Your personal RWU membership card
  • A metal four-color RWU lapel/hat pin
  • A RWU poster
  • Flyers and leaflets that describe RWU and our current campaigns
  • A copy of the current RWU Bylaws
  • Stickers with various RWU slogans, including a “No Single Employee Crews” bumper sticker
  • A DVD of the life and times of rail union leader Eugene V. Debs
  • The RWU newsletter The Highball will be mailed directly to your home each and every issue.
  • Discounts on most RWU merchandise including hats, T-shirts, books, CDs and more are offered to all members.
  • Obtain free (or discounted) bundles of The Highball to distribute to your co-workers each issue.
  • You will immediately be enrolled on our moderated email list serve where you can receive timely news and information from RWU as well as from your fellow RWU members.
  • You may attend the RWU International Convention held in the spring of even numbered years with full voice and vote.
  • You will become part of a network of like-minded railroaders who are working to make change. For advice, encouragement, ideas and support to assist you in your day-to-day struggles on the railroad, there is no finer network to be a part of than RWU!

Don’t delay, join today!

Become a part of this vibrant railroad workers’ movement for change!