Ron Kaminkow, BLET #51 Reno, NV. Engineer, Amtrak

Work on the railroad can be demanding -- physically, mentally and emotionally. And when the carrier does not live up to its end of the bargain, violates your contract, treats you like a child and demeans your self-worth, well, it can be demoralizing to say the least. Then watch as the union would rather fight with another labor organization than defend your contract and it gets downright depressing. But when I got involved in the movement for rail labor unity and solidarity I began to feel a sense of hope and optimism. The brothers and sisters that I have come to know, admire and respect in Railroad Workers United makes it so much easier to go to work everyday just knowing that there are other rails out the like me. Rails who are sick of the bullshit AND are ready, willing and able to stand up and say "Enough!" The fellow workers of RWU don't whine and moan, we take action. We practice what we preach everyday when we go to work. And we got each others' back. Stand up and be counted. Join the movement for railroader unity, solidarity and action. Join RWU today!