RWU Videos and Films

Over the past decade, RWU has accumulated a series of videos and films from various conventions, conferences, rallies, picket lines, and other events. Starting with the Founding Convention video in the spring of 2008 (bottom), the clips below feature the organization as a whole while others feature individual members, supporters, and activists.


Lessons Of The Lac-Mégantic Rail Workers Defense

RWU Member Fritz Elder discusses the long campaign to defend the Lac-Mégantic rail workers who had been scapegoated for the rail disaster in 2013. His address was given at the 6th RWU Convention in Chicago.

19 minutes. April 5th, 2018.


RWU 6th Biennial Convention: Scott Holdierson On Uniting The Working Class

United Auto Workers Local #551 Vice President addresses the 6th RWU Convention in Chicago with some ideas on building a united working class fightback.

17 minutes. April 5th, 2018.


Honoring the Legacy of Eugene V. Debs in Chicago, IL

RWU member Mark Burrows speaks to a gathering in Chicago about the life and legacy of the great union organizer and activist Eugene V Debs on Labor Day.

134 minutes. September 2nd, 2017.

The Climate March and the Prospects for Green Rail Transportation

RWU member Fritz Edler speaks about the prospects for a “green” rail future with the Labor Network for Sustainability at the Climate March in Washington, DC.

22 minutes. July 6th, 2017.


Single Person Crews, Fatigue, Whistleblowers, and Solutionary Rail

RWU General Secretary Ron Kaminkow speaks with Solutionary Rail Coordinator Bill Moyer about various issues of rail safety of concern to community members, environmentalists and rail workers.

28 minutes. May 2nd, 2017

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Railroad Workers and the Fight for Railroad Safety - Chicago

Railroad Workers United (RWU) call attention to rail safety issues affecting workers and the community. This program was recorded by Chicago Access Network (CAN TV).

117 minutes. July 19th, 2016.

Rail Safety & One Man Crews - BLET #292 Local Chairman Lonnie Swigert

Brother Lonnie discusses the contract fight on the Wheeling & Lake Erie RR, single employee train crews, and other rail safety issues while at the Labor Notes Conference in Chicago.

12 minutes. March 30th, 2016.

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RWU Chicago Conference: “Railroad Safety: Workers, Community & the Environment

Together with numerous other unions, environmental groups and community organizations, RWU sponsored a conference of nearly 100 railroaders and community activists to discuss rail safety.

27 minutes. September 15th, 2015.


Labor Musicians Sing Out At Richmond, CA Railroad Workers Meeting

RWU member singer/songwriter J.P. Wright and Leith Kahl, a Seattle longshoreman play labor music together during a break at the RWU Rail Safety Conference in Richmond California.

9 minutes. March 14, 2015.


RWU and the Climate March in Seattle

RWU member Jen Wallis speaks at the Climate March about building the labor - community alliance, and how we can win on issues like the fight against single employee train crews.

4 minutes. October 7th, 2014.

The Dangers of the BNSF Proposal for Single Employee Train Crews

RWU Member Steve Klack discusses the BNSF attempt to run trains with a single crew member.

3 minutes. September 3rd, 2014.

Pullman Labor Day Learns About Single Person Train Crews

At the Labor Day celebration in Pullman, IL, RWU member Steve Klak, a retired car inspector on the CN-IC Railroad, addressed the crowd about the threat of single employee train crews.

7 minutes. September 1st, 2014.

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Health And Safety, Rail Labor, One Man Crews & Warren Buffet

RWU Member Jen Wallis speaks out at a conference of the Injured Workers National Network in San Francisco.

24 minutes. July 19, 2014

The Fight For Railway Safety - The Case of BNSF Railroad Worker Jen Wallis

RWU member Jen Wallis recounts her fight with the railroad over health and safety issues that led to her filing a whistleblower case against the BNSF railroad. She won the case before OSHA, and after endless appeals by the carrier, she won her case in court.

33 minutes. April 9th, 2014


What is a Union - RWU Promotional Video Made at the 4th Biennial Convention

This professionally made video documents the proceedings, discussions, presentations and workshops of the Convention. Chicago, IL. Includes footage of a discussion of RWU by its Founding Members post convention (see video below).

15 minutes. April 4-5th, 2014.


A Discussion of “Behavior-Based Safety” with the Steelworkers Nancy Lessin

Labor educator Nancy Lessin has given safety presentations to RWU since the Founding Convention. She has also given workshops at UTU Regional gatherings and BLET safety conferences. Here she discusses behavior based safety with those assembled at the 4th RWU Convention. Chicago, IL.

12 minutes. April 5th, 2014.


Railroad Workers United - Founding Members Speak About Founding RWU

RWU Organizer John Wright discusses the reasons behind the founding of RWU with Founding Members Chet Whyers, Ed Michael, and Ron Kaminkow. Chicago, IL.

April 4th, 2014. 23 minutes.

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Korean Railway Workers Union (KRWU) Fights Privatization & Union Busting

KRWU International Affairs Director Ho-Joon Song speaks to the 4th RWU Convention in Chicago about the struggle in South Korea to preserve their union and fight-back against the government’s privatization plans.

38 minutes. April 4th, 2014.


Carson City, NV Labor Rally supported by Railroad Workers United

RWU General Secretary Ron Kaminkow speaks to a crowd of labor activists rallying at the State Capitol in Carson City, NV rallying in support of the workers in the state of Wisconsin.

5 minutes. February 26th, 2011.


RWU Founding Convention 2008

Chicago film makers Labor Beat documented the RWU Founding Convention in Dearborn, MI. The film contains scenes from the convention floor together with interviews with a number of the Founding Members present.

26 minutes. April 11th, 2008.