2018 RWU Biennial Convention

Thursday - Friday April 5th & 6th in Chicago, IL


Invited guests and all Railroad Workers United (RWU) members in good standing are invited to take part in our 6th Biennial Convention, to be held in Chicago, Illinois on April 5th & 6th, 2018. RWU members must register in order to attend the Convention (Click on the red button above). The fee is $50.00 total and included all materials, coffee, breakfast snacks, and lunch both days, plus entry to the social on Thursday evening and the party and reception on Friday evening.


Education, Debate and Discussion

The Program for the upcoming 6th Biennial Convention is still under construction. As it draws closer, the Program will be emailed out separately. In the meantime, here is a rough listing of what we can expect in the way of events, workshops, guest speakers & presentations:
-- Defense of Indicted Canadian Railroad Workers
-- Railroad Workers and Rail Advocates Alliance Building
-- Fighting Back Against the Contracting Out of Rail Jobs
-- Assisting Crew Van Drivers' Organizing Efforts
-- Working to Build an effective Cross-Craft Coalition of All Rail Labor
-- Working Towards a "Just Transition" for Railroaders

-- Building the Labor - Community Alliance in Rail
-- Organizing an Alternative Model Rail Safety Program
-- Breaking the Gridlock in National Contract Bargaining


Call for Proposed Bylaws Changes

At every Convention, the RWU Bylaws are subject to amendment. To see the current Bylaws that have been in effect as of the last Convention April 1, 2016, click HERE.  

To submit a proposed change to the RWU Bylaws, see the Article below:

1. These Bylaws shall be amended only at RWU Conventions.
2. Amendments may be proposed by any RWU member and should be submitted to the ISC General Secretary 30 days in advance of Convention and subsequently submitted to Chapters for consideration as soon as possible.
3. Proposed amendments shall be made available to the convention, and shall bevoted on by the Convention assembled.
4. Amendments passed by a majority (50% +1) vote shall become effective
Immediately and be incorporated into these Bylaws.
5. Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed from the floor of the convention assembled in business. Such proposed amendments shall be accompanied by a
written petition with the signatures of at least four (4) concurring RWU members.
6. Amendments to amendments shall be in order.


Call for Proposed Resolutions

Any RWU member in good standing may choose to submit a Resolution to be presented to the delegates at the Convention. To view all previous Resolutions that have come before the Convention (and the Steering Committee between Conventions) click HERE.

As they become available, we will post all DRAFT Resolutions that are pending submission to the Convention. Four Resolutions to date have been forwarded and are recommended for Adoption by the RWU Steering Committee. You may view them below:

Resolution in Support of an RWU “Sustainers” Drive

Resolution in Support of a Rail Safety Coalition

RWU Resolution in Opposition to the Criminalization of Workers

RWU Resolution in Support of Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Brakes

To submit a resolution to be considered at the 2018 Convention, you must do the following:
1 -- Write or type the proposed resolution in a format similar to that in previous RWU RESOLUTIONS
2 -- Email the Resolution to the
RWU GENERAL SECRETARY OR Mail the Resolution to:   RWU  
P.O. Box 2131    Reno, NV. 89505.


Call for Steering Committee Candidates for Office 

  The RWU INTERNATIONAL STEERING COMMITTEE (ISC) is the body that governs the day-to-day operation of the organization. The ISC is currently composed of 11 members (the number decided upon by each preceeding Convention), together with three alternates.

All seats on the Steering Committee are subject to election at the upcoming 6th Biennial Convention. 

To be nominated for a position on the Steering Committee, a member must be in good standing of Railroad Workers United (Note: Solidarity Members are not eligible to serve on the ISC). You must have another member in good standing nominate you from the floor of the Convention. You do not have to be present to be nominated. See Pages 5 and 6 of the RWU BYLAWS for further details.


 Thursday & Friday, April 5th & 6th, 2018


The RWU Convention will be held at the Chicago O'Hare Hyatt Regency Hotel at 9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue in Rosemont, Illinois, 60018. TO BOOK A ROOM RESERVATION, use this link to get the group discounted rate. Or you can all the hotel at 847-696-1234. Rooms can accommodate from 1 to 4 people and are $135 a night. Be sure to ask for the "Labor Notes Rate".

Last but Not Least ....

Labor Notes Conference April 7th & 8th:

Historically, since our Founding Convention is 2008, RWU has planned our Convention in conjunction with the biennial Labor Notes Conference. Many RWU delegates choose to stay all weekend so they can take part in all that Labor Notes has to offer.

Every two years for over 35 years now,  Labor Notes has hosted a mass labor conference of union activists from all unions, all trades, and all sectors of the economy from across the United States and around the world. This year's conference expects to see more than 2000 union movers & shakers take part in over 100 workshops and plenaries,  all designed to "put the movement back in the labor movement."

The conference gets started just about the time the RWU Convention is winding down on Friday evening of April 6th and goes throughout the weekend, culminating on the afternoon of Sunday, April 8th.

RWU hopes you can attend the 6th biennial Convention and 10th anniversary celebration of our organization. Limited funds are available to assist members with transportation and lodging. Meals provided during the Convention (light breakfast snacks and lunch).

Contact RWU if you would like to attend but are in need of assistance.